Photo by Natureworks

My love for butterflies started when my husband and I made a trip to visit our granddaughter in Louisiana in 1996. 

On that trip, we made a habit of visiting some local attraction each time we stopped for the night, and in Houston, TX, it was a Butterfly reserve.
We had stopped early that day, so as soon as we took our things to our room we looked over the several brochures I had grabbed from the lobby. The one about the Butterfly reserve interested both of us, so, as soon as we had lunch, we took our Houston map and headed for the preserve.
It was fantastic. Not only did it have a museum with mounted specimens of what must surely have been every butterfly and moth that ever lived on the face of this earth, but it also had a huge enclosed garden behind the museum that was filled with plants and gorgeous butterflies of every description.

At the time, about the only butterfly I could have named was the Monarch, which is very common in Oregon, where we live, but this garden in Houston had butterflies of every size, shape, and color. There were guides who were happy to tell us their names (the butterfly names), but there were too many to remember so we stopped trying after the first 8 or 10.

Butterflies landed on our hands, shoulders, and heads, and we felt like we had entered an enchanted forest. I have never forgotten the feeling. Just recently, we learned of a butterfly museum in our own area and quickly made a trip to visit it, but it wasn't nearly as wonderful as that first one we saw, in Houston, in the summer of 1996.


Since I became a butterfly lover, myself, way back in 1996, I have often been drawn to clothing, household items, books, and even gifts for others that feature butterflies.

Several times, when giving gifts with butterfly designs or information connected to them, I have been surprised to find out that the person who received the gift, was also a butterfly lover, and in a couple of cases, even a collector of butterfly items. And, I have never once felt that a butterfly gift wasn't really appreciated by the recipient. I guess that means that everyone, down deep, is a butterfly lover, too.

That means that I am always on the lookout for butterfly gifts that are a little out of the ordinary and I got to thinking that maybe others would like to know where to find them, too. That's why I have added this page to my website.

Most of the gifts can be found at Amazon, where I am an affiliate, although some are from other places. (Just wanted you to know that if you do find something you like on this site and end up purchasing it, as an Amazon affiliate, I will receive a small commission.)

That aside, I do highly recommend Amazon products and often shop there, myself. Anyway, feel free to browse through the following items and see if there is something that interests you here, or that may give you a gift idea for something similar for your butterfly loving friends or relatives.



  • Good for beginning readers and young children.
  • The vocabulary and ideas are very clear, with great photos.
  • It is a little short , but perfect for the age group targeted.
  • Lots of caterpillar and butterfly photos to hold child's interest.

See comments below from those who actually purchased the book:

"Great science lesson. The book has colorful pictures with lots of interesting facts."
" I purchased this book to go along with the butterfly garden."
" My son loves this book, and so do I. National Geographic did a great job on this one."



• Design Style – Traditional

• Finish: Architectural Bronze –Classic dark with semi-gloss finish

• Electrical - 1-15WT7 Candelabra Base (Bulb Included)

• Shade – Tiffany Glass (Lifetime Warranty on Electrical Parts.)

See comments below from those who actually purchased this item.

“I sent this lamp to my Grandmother for Christmas and she just loved it. Though I have never seen it in person, she said that is just beautiful and really enjoys it.”

“This lamp is very pretty. It has 2 choices of brightness and is a nice size. It fits perfectly in my bedroom and looks like a very expensive lamp.”

“The picture does not do this lamp justice. I collect tiffany type lamps, am thrilled to own such a lovely one as this. It is the kind of thing you want to hand down to your children and then to their children. A very good buy for the money.”



  • Adorable Necklaces Kids Can Make Themselves

  • Great Gift Items to Share With Friends

  • Kit Has Supplies for 6 Necklaces

  • Requires Very Little Supervision

See comments below from those who actually purchased this item:

"Pretty necklaces with a good quality lobster clasp. Our small group of 9 year olds put them together easily and were very pleased with the results. They loved that the colors still looked nice mixing up pieces."                                                                                                                                                                  

"My 6 year old daughter and I made these cute, sparkly necklaces for her to give to family members and friends. Very simple to put together,  and finished product sturdy and attractive."                        

"Kit is not  flimsy--very well designed.  Child I bought it for was fascinated, and is sharing the finished items with her friends." 


  • Waterproof PVC Fabric Shell 
  • See butterfly metamorphosis up close.
  • Reusable, collapsible habitat.
  • Includes feeder.
  • Complete instructions included. •
  • Includes mail-in voucher for five butterfly larvae and special food. ($5.00 fee for processing) •
  • Witness one of nature's most spectacular transformations up close.
  • Just mail in the included coupon for larvae and food.

See comments below from those who actually purchased the kit

"This kit comes with everything you need plus an instruction book. You can order extra larvae when you want more. We have released butterflies twice and it is so much fun." 

"This item was exactly as advertised.  Very interesting and fun to watch them grow, but my kids were a little sad when we freed the butterflies at the end.  We will be doing it again."

I got this as a gift for granddaughter and she loved seeing all of the caterpillars turn into butterflies. None of them died and most of them lived for about a month. I would buy it again."


  • This large 11.5" tall x 5" x 5" wood house is stained a lovely purple then Hand Painted by our on-staff artist
  • This house is has lovely hand painted bright Roses
  • Slots in the Butterfly House keep birds out while giving butterflies protection from the wind and weather
  • A lovely addition to your flower garden and encourages butterflies to spend the night there.     
  • House opens with 1 screw so you can add twigs inside and clean easily. Keyhole hanger in the back for mounting on a nail.


  • Format: Paperback

 See comments below from those who actually purchased this book:

"The book provides all kinds of information on different types of butterflies and plants you can use to attract them.  It also has useful information for creating an inviting habitat for hummingbirds. I definitely recommend it."

"The book was extremely informative with numerous recommendations of specific plant species to attract and nourish North American butterflies and their caterpillars. Great  for young people and their parents to study together as they beautify their yard, help to support dwindling numbers of species and just have fun together."

"This book tells us how to provide a habit that provides food, water, shelter, and hosting plants for butterflies and so forth. Also has some fun craft-type projects."



See comments below from those who actually purchased these stickers:

"We  love the butterflies. I put them in my kids rooms, and they look like they are flying all over the room. The wings are kind of transparent so if your room is painted a bright color it color will show through. They also look great on a white wall. Every sticker is different. We love them. A super buy especially for the price."

"They are so cute, and  really are reusable. I moved one butterfly several times, and it still stuck just as well the 4th time as it did the first without leaving any residue on the window or wall. The stickers are on clear material, not white like the background page. I put a pink and a blue butterfly on my daughter's window, and she can see the pink and blue butterfly shapes on her carpet, when the sun shines through the decals. Great purchase!"

"Beautiful colorful stickers.  I love how they make my bathroom look."